Tory Lane Air Rage Rampage: Adult Video Actress Arrested, Pulled ‘Kicking And Screaming’ Off Plane

Popular adult video actress Tory Lane was arrested on Wednesday, after what police say was a violent, drunken air rage rampage on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Lane even physically attacked a police officer who boarded the plane when it landed at LAX airport, attempting to take the award-winning pornographic performer and director into custody.

Among the many adult videos in which she has appeared during her career, a video titled When Porn Stars Attack seems especially appropriate this week.

What triggered the porn star’s airborn outburst remains unclear. But according to police accounts, the 32-year-old’s rampage appears to have been fueled by alcohol. As she got drunker and drunker on the plane, the porn star, whose real name is Lisa Nicole Piasecki, grew belligerent and aggressive.

According to an account on the celebrity news site TMZ, Tory Lane first started screaming, then took pot shots at other passengers, kicking several.

Eventually, the flight crew was able to gain control of the crazed woman who advertises herself as “the dirtiest girl in porn,” restraining her for the final 45 minutes of the four-and-a-half hour flight.

But when the cop walked on board the plane after it pulled into its gate at LAX, Lane lashed out again. When she was finally arrested, police had to drag Tory Lane away “kicking and screaming,” according to one report.

She was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital first, then to jail for booking on charges of assaulting a police officer and public intoxication.

Tory Lane is listed on the Internet Movie Database as a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But a CBS News report about her arrest referred to her simply as “Lisa Piasecki of Irwin, North Carolina.”

Lane graduated from Brownard Community College in Florida, but despite earning an associates degree in business, she found employment at a Hooter’s restaurant, according to her biography on IMDB, soon moving on to work in an adult bookstore, then becoming a stripper — finally ending up appearing in pornographic videos.

Apparently, she has been quite successful in her chosen profession. Tory Lane has twice won AVN Awards — the porn industry’s equivalent of the Oscar — first in 2009 for “Best POV Sex Scene.”

She took home her second AVN Award the following year, receiving the honor for “Best Group Sex Scene.”

One day after being arrested, Tory Lane, aka Lisa Piasecki, made her bail of $21,000 and was set free, with a court date of March 12.

[Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]