Malta Travel Deals Make For A Fascinating And Affordable Alternative

Malta travel deals

Travel deals to Malta are gaining popularity thanks to the dollar making recent gains against the Euro. Europe is now more affordable than ever for Americans in search of great travel deals.

Not since September 2003 has the dollar been so strong, according to the Associated Press. Hovering around 1.13 dollars to the Euro, it’s a gain of nearly 20 percent since April of last year when the dollar was exchanging at 1.38. The big savings won’t be lost in translation since English is readily spoken in Malta, making travel deals more attractive for American bargain hunters this year.

“It’s basically a 20-percent-off sale on the whole eurozone for Americans,” says Hipmunk CEO and co-founder Adam Goldstein.

Malta, travel deals

Of the 19 countries using the Euro, Malta stands out as a great holiday destination due to its fantastic climate and natural beauty. In fact, the island ranked number one for “The Best Climate in the World” in 2011 and number three overall in International Living magazine’s 2011 Quality of Life Index.


Zimbabwe tied Malta for the best climate, but between the two, International Living editor Eoin Bassett makes it clear which is one the magazine prefers.

“But with 5.2 hours of sunshine a day, a stable government and economy, Malta is a very strong draw for expats. And it’s English-speaking.”

Travel deals aside, many expats find the island’s location in the middle of the Mediterranean an ideal hub for accessing the rest of Europe. There are no property taxes, and temperatures push 70 degrees Fahrenheit even in November.

Travel deals, Malta

Located 60 miles south of the Italian island of Sicily, Malta is accessible from most major European airports, making weekend travel deals and short stays attractive as an add-on option for those who are a little more flexible with their itineraries. Since there are no non-stop flights for U.S. departures, Americans would simply use their preferred trans-Atlantic air carriers go catch a connecting flight.

Travel deals to Malta are also receiving a boost in prestige thanks to Hollywood’s fascination with the place. According to, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited the Maltese island of Gozo a few weeks ago to shoot their romantic drama, By the Sea.

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Game of Thrones fans may recognize the Azure Window of Gozo as the setting for Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo’s Dothraki wedding.

Azure Window

Other Hollywood films shot in Malta include World War Z (2013), Troy (2004), Gladiator (2000), and the late Robin Williams’ first film, Popeye (1980), which featured Popeye Village (also known as Sweethaven Village) in Anchor Bay.

Popeye Village, travel deals

The Inquisitr recently reported on winter travel deals for those looking to trade in all the snow for a little bit of sunshine.

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