Is Playstation 4 Destined To Outsell All Other Gaming Consoles?

A recent forecast predicts that Playstation 4 will surpass every other gaming console in sales. Digital Trends reports that Playstation 4 will sell about 40 percent more units than Xbox One by the year 2019. The PS4 will reportedly surpass gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii U even more.

For a month during the holiday sales period, Microsoft’s Xbox One held the top spot as most popular gaming console. A January 2015 report revealed that Playstaion 4 had officially re-taken over the title. The two gaming systems had been in a sales battle that cause Microsoft to alter the prices for the Xbox One several times in order to compete with the Ps4. The most recent price change took the console from $399 to $349, but Microsoft’s efforts were unsuccessful in the long-term.

As of January, 19 million Playstation 4 consoles were sold, completely outselling Xbox One. A spokesperson for Sony Entertainment America made a statement on the PS4 sales facts.

“PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in January and remains the cumulative leader in the U.S., according to NPD data. Since launching in November, 2013, 18.5 million PS4 units and 81.8 million software units have been sold through to consumers worldwide.”

Though Sony has seen an increase in console sales, NPD reports reveal that hardware sales have not increased. National Purchase Diary (NPD) spokesman, Liam Callahan recently make a statement on the fact.

“Hardware sales declined by 23 percent as sales cooled off after the holiday season. Eighth generation console hardware sales were down by 22 percent while seventh generation console hardware sales decreased by 35 percent.”

Sales are the topic of discussion when it comes to comparing gaming consoles, but Peter Warman, CEO of market research firm Newzoo believes that adding the sales figures is not always an accurate way to predict the future of a gaming product.

“The average gamer-per console is 1.77 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One combined and it is 1.73 for PS3 and PS4 combined in the U.S. As consoles mature in terms of business models and openness for consumers and developers, it becomes increasingly important to know who and how many consumers you entertain, each with their own account and wallet.”

Microsoft is continuing in the fight for the number one spot. After years of being banned in China, Microsoft’s Xbox One is now being sold in the country as of last year. This year, however, even sales in the over-populated country of China weren’t enough to held the Xbox One beat the Playstation 4. With the figures added together, it is predicted that Playstation 4 will remain on the top in gaming console sales.