Man Arrested For Slamming Female Teacher Headfirst Onto Basketball Court During Student-Faculty Game

A man has been arrested after slamming a female teacher onto the hard floor, headfirst, during a heated student-faculty basketball game. Travis Mims, 27, a basketball coach and school counselor at Holly Hill Elementary School near Daytona Beach, Florida, was arrested after he body-slammed a friend and coworker during a 2-on-2 basketball game.

The Daily Mail reports that Mims was caught on surveillance video body slamming teacher Katherine Martin during the student-faculty game. In the video above you can watch as Mims picks Martin up in the air and slams her onto the hard basketball court. To make matters worse, Mims flipped the teacher up-side-down, plowing her onto the floor headfirst. Mims is six-foot, two-inches and weighs 260 pounds. Therefore, picking up the smaller female teacher appears easy in the video. She is “maliciously” thrown to the ground with force from over Mims head.

WKMG notes that Martin initially refused medical treatment at the scene, but did drive herself to a nearby hospital and suffered from “a cracked rib, several bruises and was bleeding from her head.” Mims was arrested at 5 p.m. on Wednesday for aggravated assault and his bond was set for $2,500. WKMG was on the scene during the arrest and claims that Mims says he was “sorry” and the school says that Mims no longer works for Holly Hill following the startling incident.

The injured teacher says that Mims became increasingly agitated during the basketball game when she called foul play. Martin and Mims had a verbal confrontation and returned to playing the game, but as Martin tried to push past Mims to get open for a pass, the incident occurred and the teacher was thrown to the floor violently.


Martin says that Mims was her friend and that the pair played basketball together multiple times each week. Mims had even recently asked Martin to be his assistance basketball coach. Martin told reporters that she believes “Mims must have snapped” and that she was “shocked he took it as far as he did.”