Carjacked Dogs Found Safe In Van And Reunited With Their Owners

On Friday, the Inquisitr reported a doggie daycare van had been carjacked with seven of its clients inside. Fortunately, the dogs were found safe and sound in the recovered van approximately 24 hours after they had been taken.

When the van was stolen, it had been found outside unattended and running near 21st and Wabash streets in Chicago. Although the driver wasn’t inside the van, the gunmen who took it did point a gun at a passersby who tried to stop the theft. The van was found by when someone noticed a dog inside of it and called authorities.

Sayre's dog Jadyn [Image via Chicago Sun-Times] Sayre’s dog Jadyn [Image via Chicago Sun-Times]According to the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the dog owners rushed to the scene when a reporter contacted him for his reaction to his dog being found. The reporter had heard the news over a police scanner. Rob Sayre was then reunited with this Beagle-Labrador mix, Jadyn.

“She was hungry and cold and confused, but in good health. I have spanned every gamut of human emotion in the last 24 hours. I am quite thankful to the person who found her.”

Daisy Bowers, 68, is Sayre’s hero as she is the one responsible for calling 911 when she spotted the van. She said she noticed a dog in the van, which was parked across the street from her salon. When she noticed the van was still there 30 minutes later, with the dog looking her way, Bowers decided to call the police.

Salon owner Daisy Bowers who found dogs in van. [image by Chicago Tribune]

“A dog was looking out the window to say, ‘Help me’ or ‘Come get me.’ So I called 911, and within 10 or 15 minutes they were here and rescued the dogs.”

Once the police arrived, they found the dogs shivering because of the cold, but they were otherwise okay.

Tad Tomita, 34, also showed up at the scene to reclaim his beloved pet. As the Chicago Tribune reported, he heard the news of the dogs’ recovery from an aunt in Utah who saw the story on Facebook.

“So we drove down there. Mochi wasn’t in the van, so we were worried. But she was in another car. The female police officer, she was keeping her warm. And then we got her back, and she was so excited to see us and we were so excited to see her.”

Tomita has been searching for the mini-schnauzer since he was called about the carjacking on Wednesday while he was at work. He was afraid his small dog wouldn’t be able to survive the night in the cold.

Bowers said she was glad that the dogs were found safe and reunited with their owners.

“I’m glad to know they’re in good shape, healthy and well-loved — apparently the owners are just jumping with joy… It makes me feel good.”