Patricia Arquette At The Oscars ‘Surrounded By Love’

Patricia Arquette is a favorite to win Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards Sunday night. She knows this because people keep telling her. Arquette revealed Thursday that the anticipation has gotten so great that people will shower her with sympathy if her name isn’t called.

“I feel like no one will be able to look me in the eye if I don’t win because they’re going to feel so bad for me. It’s going to be this fascinating anthropological study on other humans.”

Arquette is nominated for her turn as Olivia, the mother in Boyhood. Saturday, when Arquette picked up a Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female, she noted the film was special. The low budget film had a 12-year production schedule and used the same cast who naturally aged over time.

“I knew enough about the business to know that it is so hard to get financing for a small movie, and that legally you can’t have a contract so anyone could have left. I knew the likelihood of getting financing was slim to none. So that was what blew my mind. I wanted to be apart of it.”

Arquette, 46, has already won a Golden Globe, BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild award for Boyhood. Her win at the Oscars Sunday night therefore seems likely. She told reporters Thursday her escorts to the ceremony and her choice of dress designer ensure she’s in good hands no matter what happens.

“My date is going to be my boyfriend, Eric White. My sister’s [date] is going to be my daughter Harlow. And my brother Richmond is going to be there wearing my dad’s tuxedo. My dad passed away many years ago. My best friends made my dress. I’m going to be surrounded by love and things that are very meaningful to me as a human being.”

She also revealed to E! that her son will not attend.

“[He’s] shy.”

When asked how she is going to prepare for the Oscars, Arquette was blunt.

“How the hell do I know. This is all kind of new to me…I have no plans. I am going to be around people I love.”

She has not prepared a speech.

In addition to Arquette, Boyhood is up for several Academy Awards. The small film with the $4 million production budget is up for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Ethan Hawke), Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing.

[Patricia Arquette image courtesy of Getty]