46-Year-Old Man ‘Outraged’ After Being Turned Away From Nightclub For Being ‘Too Old’

A 46-year-old man from Nottingham in the U.K. was left “outraged” after he was turned away from a city center nightclub on Tuesday because bouncers said he was “too old.”

The victim of the ageism, Chris Pettifor, who works as a casino cashier, says he was trying to get into the popular heavy-metal night of Phlebas at Bar Eleven in Nottingham city center when the incident happened.

Pettifor told reporters that he was with a group of friends when two doormen approached and told him he couldn’t enter the club,

“When I got home I thought, ‘how dare they?’ It is embarrassing. I was flabbergasted. I didn’t bother arguing because if you’ve been refused, there’s no point. I just left. I know the place is very young and you don’t tend to see anyone over the age of 21 in there, but that shouldn’t make a difference.”


The group of friends with Mr. Pettifor were also shocked and disgusted by the way he was treated. One friend, Melody O’Keefe, said, “here’s a big group of us and we’re proud that we’re all of different ages. The situation is absolutely terrible. I’ve checked to see whether there was an age limit to the club night but I couldn’t find anything.”

The owner of the club, Rob Symes, told the Daily Mail, “The only two people who could have spoken to Chris were the doorman and it is their job to make sure everyone is safe. He could have been turned away for a number of reasons. I don’t know anything about the man.”

At the same time, the manager of the nightclub, Michael Freeborn added, “As I have no experience of Chris Pettifor, having never met him, I simply cannot offer a reason as to why he was rejected but I can state with utter confidence it would not have been due to his age.”