‘House of Cards’ Gets Longest And Least Helpful Trailer Ever

House of Cards is due out on Netflix in just one week. The close arrival time, driven especially by the fact that the online streaming video service mistakenly briefly aired the series early, has everyone going nuts trying to figure out just what is going to happen in season three. A brand new trailer, which is the longest ever released for the House of Cards, is helping stoke the fires of anticipation while not actually helping at all when it comes to playing the guessing game.

The new House of Cards trailer is more than two minutes long, about five times as long as any other trailer released for season three. That isn’t really the newsworthy part though, because the really interesting aspect is the fact that you never see above the neck of either of the main characters. Frank and Claire are now the first couple and everything should be gravy.

We know that not everything is going exactly to plan thanks to other trailers for House of Cards but this one, both arty and somber, seems to show that things are not going great when it comes to the personal life of the two Underwoods either. When talking to each other, both Frank and Claire seem to have an almost annoyed tone, they also never exchange a pleasantry.

Of course, in this House of Cards trailer, we never see their faces so it’s hard to know exactly what is going on behind the voices. We do get to see various staffers laying out items or taking them away. We also see the trailer zoom in on a clock that has “The President” as it’s caption. At one point, the time changes from 23:59 to 00:00.

It stands to reason this little trick is foreshadowing something, but with all the other arty pieces thrown in, it’s hard to know what. One thing is certain. The show has long counted on the old saying of “careful what you wish for.” It seems the Underwoods have gotten everything they could have wished for and more. Will it all come crashing down in this third season of the hit online only show?

It seemed like it was going to come crashing down on the Underwoods before but they’ve always managed to avoid the biggest fallout. With questions like, “What happened to Douglas Stamper” and “Who will Kim Dickens play?” We’re just wishing the season three premiere of House of Cards would get here.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix]