Newt Gingrich Super PAC ad Slams Romney as Obama Running-Mate

Let the mud-slinging begin! Though Republican presidential hopefuls have been flirting with playing dirty over the past year, Newt Gingrich is coming out hot against rival Mitt Romney, even as he squeaks ahead of the latter in the polls.

Gingrich’s super PAC is throwing down arms in the Florida mudslinging match with a new ad pulling down the pants of Romney’s well-worn and beaten mandate-based healthcare implementation for the state of New Hampshire and laughing like a 7th grader.

The Winning Our Future PAC, riding cloud 9 thanks to a $5 million donation from the wife of Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson, just bought $6 million worth of airtime for the ad which ties Romney to President Obama, calling the two “running mates” and using old Romney quotes like: “I’m someone who is moderate. My views are progressive.”

Given Gingrich’s vast repertoire of personal scandal (which has and will continue to come out), the former speaker is already bracing for impact by turning the frown of marital infidelity upside-down, hinting that his wandering ways are an asset and even taking another dig at Romney:

“I think most people can identify,” he said. “It may make me more normal than somebody who wanders around seeming perfect and maybe not understanding the human condition, and the challenges of life for normal people.”

No response so far from Romney’s camp, and though the cool-as-cucumber Romney won’t be able to resist forever, doing so might be the prudent move. Gingrich is already metaphorically standing across from him taunting him into the arena, and a reluctant Romney can’t help but wonder what else he has up his sleeves.

Kind of makes you yearn for a time when disagreements were settled the gentlemanly way. Pistols. At dawn.

What do you think of the continuing Gingrich v. Romney?