Minnesota Officer Shot: One Of Two Officers Shot In Patrol Car Was An 'Intended Target'

Heather Tooley

A Minneapolis, Minnesota, officer was shot during the early hours of Saturday morning. Two police officers in a patrol car were shot at, with one of them being hit. CNN reports that Police Chief Janee Harteau says "there is little doubt that an officer was the intended target."

The two officers had finished responding to a call about a burglary on the 1100 block of 24th Avenue N. in the Jordan neighborhood when one of them was shot before 5 a.m., according a statement by Minneapolis police. The victim's partner rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he is listed in stable condition. Police spokesman Scott Seroka says the chief and the officer's family are by his side and that he's doing "okay."

Authorities are searching the area where the officer was wounded, but no one associated with the shooting has been taken into custody. It's believed that the Minnesota officer shot wasn't a personal target but was shot only because he's an officer.

According to Harteau, the injured cop "just happened to be the one who was there."

Harteau issued a statement that reminded citizens of the danger police officers face every day.

"This is a reminder to all that every one of our officers face such danger simply because they choose to wear a uniform. They deserve our support and gratitude."

In a report by Star Tribune, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges says the department is "wasting no time" in finding who's responsible for shooting the police officer for simply doing his job.

Several police dogs were out in full force searching the area for the runaway gunman. Three were searching the inner perimeter of the neighborhood where the officer was wounded.

The Minneapolis officer shot is at the North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale. No other details about his condition have been released so far, other than he's in stable condition and doing well.

Back in 2012, the Inquisitr wrote about a police officer in Minnesota fatally shot in an ambush. Tom Decker was a six-year veteran of the Cold Spring Police Department when he was shot in December of that year. He was doing a welfare check on a man when he was gunned down. The man he was going to see was reportedly suicidal and was taken into questioning.

With all the bad press and controversy surrounding cops, their lives are in more danger than ever. The Minnesota officer shot is lucky the wound wasn't life-threatening.

[Photo Credit: George Marincel via KARE 11]