‘Bad Haircut’ Sends Man Into A Rage As He Goes Crazy And Tears Up Salon

Alan Becker, bad haircut.

After most people get a haircut, the barber or stylist will usually pull out a handy mirror, offer it to the person, and spin them around in the chair so they can see how their haircut turned out. Sometimes the person may request a little more hair cut off here, or something straightened up there, but more often than not, especially with men, they’ll say, “Great!” Then they’ll take off the haircut cape, tip the stylist or barber, and move on with their lives, perhaps happy that they still even have hair.

But this apparently isn’t how Alan Becker, of Stamford, Connecticut, rolls.

No, from here on out, most Stamford barbers and hairstylists will likely be on the lookout for Alan Becker. If he doesn’t like how you cut his hair, he might go crazy and tear your barber shop or salon apart. And if he doesn’t like the price? Forget about it! Just call the cops as soon as possible.

Alan Becker, 47, demonstrated some wild disapproval of a recent “bad” haircut he received, reportedly flying into a rage after seeing the result, yelling, carrying on, and grabbing anything within reach to throw around a Stamford salon, reports the Hartford Courant.

When Alan Becker received more perceived bad news — that his haircut that he didn’t like was going to cost him $50 bucks — it was apparently the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, as Becker then went completely bananas.

bad haircut

According to Stamford Police, Becker paid a visit to the Loft Salon on Long Ridge Road in Stamford on Wednesday morning to get a haircut, but upon his haircut’s completion, Becker had a very negative reaction to its quality.

“He was just very irate about his haircut,” said Stamford Police Sergeant Kelly Connelly. “He did not like the way that it was cut.”

That’s when the salon asked for the $50 for the allegedly bad haircut, at which point Alan Becker got even more “outraged,” said Connelly.

According to the Sergeant, Becker’s bad haircut tantrum included yelling at the staff and customers, kicking a hole in the wall, and throwing several items around the salon.

Becker finally left, along with his perceived bad haircut, only to return a little bit later, demanding his haircut be fixed, said Connelly.

The salon owner had apparently had enough of Becker’s antics, however, and called police instead.

WCBV 5 reports that Becker was later arrested at his home and faces charges of breaching the peace and criminal mischief, along with not liking his haircut.

[Images via Stamford PD and Google Images]