‘White Gold’: World’s Most Expensive Caviar Costs $40,000 Per Teaspoon

white gold

When it comes to luxury food items, everyone knows that caviar is one of the most expensive things one can put into their cart when grocery shopping.

However, a new caviar, known as “white gold,” is taking the whole concept of fish eggs to the next level. While caviar often costs a pretty packet, white gold will set you back around $110,000 for a kilo.

The exclusive caviar, invented by fish farmer Walter Gruell and his son Patrick, is made from rare albino fish eggs and is laced with 22-carat gold.

Amazingly, the $110,000 per kilo price is a discounted one, as the Gruells want to give selected customers the option to sample the delicious salty fish.

What’s even more amazing is that the real retail price of the white gold is actually $300,000. That works out at roughly $40,000 per teaspoon!

Due to its rarity and price, only the super rich and royalty will ever get as much as a taste of the caviar, which will be sold in restaurants from Monaco to Dubai.

Patrick, who comes from Salzburg in Austria, is the first caviar producer from the country and is certainly passionate about what he does.

As he told reporters, “Our Strottarga Bianco comes from the white roe of the extremely rare albino sturgeon. The taste is very strong and taste distinctly of fresh fish.”

According to Patrick, the amazing flavor of the caviar comes from the high-quality water in Austria flowing down from mountain snowfields, ensuring that the caviar produced there has none of the pollution issues other countries have developed.

“It is part of the reason why it probably taste[s] so good, that and the fact that it is specially seasoned before being dehydrated, when it loses 80 percent of its weight. The golden yellow white spreadable powder that we create can quickly be made into a paste, risotto or put on toasted bread with butter. It only needs very small quantities for the flavour to be spread to a meal. It is certainly not a product for everyone, but there is definitely a market for extremely exclusive products especially when they are something new.”