Muslim Mayor Tells European Islamists: ‘Accept Western Values Or Leave’

As radical Islam shows its true face on the streets of Europe without any significant condemnation or protest from “moderate” Muslims, the Mayor of Rotterdam, who is both Dutch and Muslim, has spoken out.

Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and the latest attempt at a massacre in Copenhagen, many hoped that the millions of Muslims living in Europe would come out on the streets in a massive denouncement of the use of violence to achieve political goals against innocent civilians.

Most of Europe’s Muslims have remained totally silent about the current wave of terror committed by their “brothers,” and the lack of moderate protests or condemnations seems to say a lot about where the Muslim’s in Europe really stand.

For example, footage was shot by journalists in Denmark showing a group of Muslim youths erecting a memorial to the Palestinian-born Danish terrorist who killed two people.

Speaking to CNN’s Michael Holmes on Wednesday, the mayor, Moroccan-born Ahmed Aboutaleb, said that those Muslims who don’t embrace Europe’s values should leave and return to their countries of origin.

“You are not forced to be with us, it’s a choice, Work with us together to construct a ‘we society,'” he said.

The mayor, who moved to Holland when he was 15, continued, “But if you want to stand out of the ‘we community,’ you threaten us, you go to Yemen to learn how to use a Kalashnikov and to come back to threaten the society, well you are not part of my ‘we society,’ you better leave.”

Aboutaleb also spoke about his own personal journey to Holland from Morocco.

“I am one of the people who knows how it is to live in poverty. I spent fifteen years in Morocco of my life on one meal a day, walking without shoes, going to the Netherlands without a coat to protect myself. I cannot accept that poverty leads to terrorism,” he added, saying that poverty must lead to knowledge and to better oneself.

“It’s about investing in yourself, first of all. And by doing that you invest in society. And that’s the message I try to give to these people,” he told CNN.