'Clash Of Clans' Update: Sneak Peek Number 2

The Clash of Clans update is another day closer (not that we actually know when it will be released). On February 19, Supercell started things off with a posting on the Clash of Clans Twitter feed. The tweet in question was a hint about hints.

Followers were delighted to see the news, responding with favorites and comments like, "Finally!" Clash of Clans fans did not have to wait long for the first look at the new update. A staff member, Anoushka, posted the first tease yesterday on the Supercell forums.

Clans players will be getting more firepower in the form of a level 13 cannon, which "packs a punch and takes a lot of damage!" Another tasty tidbit released yesterday was the news that Healers no longer trigger air traps.

Today, fans woke up to another Clash of Clans sneak peek on the forums. Clan badges can now be customized to "[m]ake your clan stand out!! Craft a clan badge with your choice of pattern, background and border!" This announcement was followed by a forum-exclusive tease.

"Clan Castle troop deployment is no longer prevented by tapping on obstacles or decorations."

Segment Next reports that someone over at Supercell updated the game description a little too soon. Several people across the internet caught screen caps of alleged updates to Clash of Clans. One of those few posted an image on his Twitter account.

In case you can't read that, here is what it says,

What's NewJan 21, 2015

Clans are leveling up!-level up your clan and earn perks, prestige and fancy badges!-cannon level 13 packs a punch and takes a lot of damage-clan wars opt-in/opt-out gives your clan full control of war-customize your clan badge with the badge editor

Power-up your clan and clan perks-request troops more often and donate more troops at a time-get refunds and automatic upgrades on donated troops-increase your clan war loot bonus and store more in your clan castle

Obviously, there are more updates to be had with Clash of Clans. Even the screenshots do not cover the forum-exclusive information being released by Supercell. Until it is officially announced by the game developers, any added information is speculation at this point.

Fans can, however, rejoice in the knowledge that more powerful cannons are coming and badges can be customized after the update. And no, there is no Town Hall 11 yet.

What are you most looking forward to with the Clash of Clans update?

[Photo Courtesy of Supercell]