Amber Rose Fights Back After Kanye Disses Her In An Interview

Nichole Tucker

Amber Rose has taken to Twitter to defend herself and send a few disses back to Kanye. Specifically, Amber posted insults that specifically name Kim Kardashian and her troubled sex tape past. Amber Rose is making such statements in response to an interview Kanye West had at Power 105's The Breakfast Club.

The interview came as quite a shock to the Breakfast Club's listeners, as Kanye's last visit to the show ended in frustration. Kanye promised to never return after being insulted by show host Charlemagne. But West did return, with what the show hosts called "media training," and discussed his fashion career, his wife, and Amber Rose. When asked about her, he made several statements which indicate not only a lack of respect for Amber, but also that she was a last resort.

"She's just soaking in the moment. If Kim had dated me when I wanted, there would be no Amber Rose."

To fuel the fire, Kanye was asked about the truth surrounding the accusations that Kim Kardashian sent nude photos to him while he was still dating Amber. These accusations were made by Amber herself in an interview one week prior to Kanye's. West denied the accusations and gave yet another insult to defame Amber.

"It's very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that's with Amber Rose. I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim."

Amber Rose began posting on her Twitter account yesterday after hearing West's interview. The insults she had in response were not for Kanye, but for the woman he considers to be superior to Amber; Kim Kardashian, E! Online reports. Amber Rose made statements about details of Kim's sex tape and then continued to defend herself by calling Kanye West a "bully" who is "not perfect."

Amber Rose then directly tweeted Kanye West with emotional words that indicate just how hurt she was by his interview.

So far, Kanye West has not responded. Amber Rose has not tweeted anything new today regarding Kanye or Kim Kardashian.

[Image via Melty.Fr]