Aquaman Reveal Includes Possible Spoiler

The Aquaman reveal has brought about enough of a buzz all on its own. Jason Momoa staring angrily into the camera wearing his Aquaman garb was enough to get internet tongues wagging when Zack Snyder took to Twitter for the big unveiling of Aquaman. While showing off Aquaman in all his glory should have been enough for Zack Snyder, it looks like he also gave out a little spoiler in that particular reveal.

The picture of Aquaman shows Jason Momoa in the costume and emblazoned with the caption “Unite the Seven.” Most people assume this means the seven seas, because, of course, that is a big part of the powers Aquaman possesses. He has the ability to control all the creatures in the seven seas and most recently he can even control the water that makes up those seas.

The thing that some have pointed out is that it doesn’t make much sense why the PR people decided to leave out the final word in Aquaman’s slogan. And it has become a slogan. Snyder actually started a hashtag with #unitetheseven and the tagline “there is only one true King.” As HitFix points out, it appears the hashtag has more to do with fans finding out who is going to be joining Aquaman as one of the founding members of the Justice League. Aquaman was one of the original members of this group and the timing of Aquaman’s reveal shows he will definitely be one of those founders.

Aquaman doesn’t have his own movie yet, but he will be debuting in Batman vs. Superman. It seems as though that flick will indeed be a kind of origin story of the League, with Batman eventually befriending Superman and teaming up in some way with Aquaman. Wonder Woman joins Aquaman and the rest, which leaves three open spots.

When looking at the list of movies that are coming out in the next couple of years, there is going to be another Green Lantern flick and a movie surrounding the Flash. It appears likely Aquaman will have these two as teammates in the League. That means there is exactly one more spot to fight alongside Momoa’s Aquaman when the Justice League movie eventually launches. So who is this final teammate that the Aquaman reveal spoiled? While we don’t know who exactly will be standing alongside Aquaman, Zack Snyder helped everyone connect most of the dots to who will be in Aquaman’s next big feature, which will be DC’s answer to The Avengers.