Drunken Argument: Boyfriend Complains Girlfriend Is Needy, Girlfriend Attempts To Bite Off His Penis

A drunken argument between a man and woman in Tulsa, Oklahoma, took a cringe-worthy turn when the woman attempted to bite off her boyfriend’s penis.

The verbal skirmish apparently started on their way home from a night of drinking when the boyfriend complained that she had become too needy. The verbal assault continued in their apartment, where the boyfriend eventually fell asleep. In order to retaliate against the boyfriend’s remarks, the woman decided to punish him by biting off his penis while he slept. The man was treated for his injuries, which were not considered life threatening, and the woman was taken into police custody for the assault.

According to CBS Houston, Amber Ellis was named as the assailant in the case, and the victim’s name was not revealed. The police report shared that the verbal argument had gotten out of control and Ellis retreated to her room, slamming the door behind her, in order to be alone. The victim decided to sleep off his intoxication on the couch. However, police stated that the skirmish did not end there. Instead, the man woke up suddenly to the excruciating pain of Ellis attempting to bite his penis off.

The boyfriend attempted to fight Ellis off and prevent further damage to his penis. However, Ellis retaliated by hitting him in the head with a nearby laptop computer. The man was eventually able to free himself from Ellis’ assault and call the police.

Metro reported that the police arrived and Ellis was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and maiming. She is currently in jail awaiting a meeting with the judge.

The boyfriend was taken to the hospital for treatment. He received multiple stitches to the base of his penis and was treated for multiple injuries to his face, head, neck, knee, and fingers. He is expected to fully recover from the attack.

Amber Ellis did not reveal why she decided on such an extreme punishment toward her boyfriend. Details of their argument were not revealed, other than him saying that she had become “too needy.”

Although the incident did not become as severe as the John Wayne Bobbitt assault, the effect of alcohol on the argument did coerce the situation to escalate too far. There is not confirmation whether the couple will attempt to reconcile their differences or simply move on with their lives.

[Photo Courtesy: Metro U.K.]