Two States Oppose Barack Obama’s Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants By Denying Them Driver’s Licences

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama passed an executive order granting millions of illegal immigrants in the United States amnesty. The Inquisitr reported on the latest news following the announcement, most of which was a backlash from conservative groups.

Apparently, the announcement invited further investigation on the “benefits” illegal immigrants receive, which includes a tax return despite not paying taxes. Some parties are taking action instead, in which one federal court didn’t beat around the bush, simply halting Obama’s executive order. Such opposition has caused liberals to create a DHS hotline, a phone service providing protection for the amnesty rights of illegal immigrants.

Still, more and more people are standing up to Obama’s Amnesty Order, and the latest comes from two states: Colorado and New Mexico. From what is reported, both states are making huge moves to stop illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses.

According to an article by the Washington Times and followed-up by Conservative Tribune, the state of Colorado passed a bill to remove $166,000 in funding earmarked for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Apparently, the bill was made to punish DMV offices that have been providing driver’s licenses to immigrants. Ergo, the cut funding was a means of sending a message. Every Republican, along with just one Democrat, voted in favor of the bill. Senator Kevin Lundberg of Colorado provided further explanation about the bill.

“This program is a way to increase the broken federal system. That is not appropriate. We should not be fully funding a program for which the policy has a deleterious effect on the overall policies of our nation.”

By happenstance, New Mexico partook in a similar situation when their state House voted to invalidate a decade-old law allowing illegal immigrants to be issued driver’s licenses. The bill passed with a 39 to 29 vote with two Democrats joining the Republican majority. However, the bill may stall in the state Senate because it is Democrat-controlled.

Both Colorado and New Mexico are going against the grain of states providing illegal immigrants with some form of driver’s licensing. Originally started in 2013, 10 states and Washington D.C. allow this provision. The Republicans have argued that such an allowance of providing illegal immigrants privileges normally reserved for lawful residents encourages more illegal immigration.

For now, the states hope the passed bills will take a bite out of providing illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. Under them, it is estimated that the wait time for such appointments for those kinds of licenses will be over a year.