Louie Caldwell To Thomas L. King Funeral Home: Wrong Body Sent To Funeral Home, Family Furious

The body of Louie Caldwell was sent to Thomas L. King Funeral Home for services for another man. According to NewsOXY, a crime lab mix-up sent the body of Caldwell in place of Johnny Lowe III. Lowe’s family didn’t wish to see the body before it was buried, so the family unknowingly grieved over Mr. Caldwell. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation checked into the case after the wrong body was buried. The mistake was caught by an employee who noticed that the body of “Mr. Caldwell” wasn’t actually his.

Despite employees claiming to have checked the body tags and the corresponding paperwork, someone along the line messed up in a really big way.

After Louie Caldwell was sent to Thomas L. King Funeral Home, embalmed, and buried, Lowe’s family was contacted, and they were told of the mix-up. Naturally, they were astounded.

“We don’t even know who this person is lying here. He had paid for this plot, and my oldest brother is right up from him. I just wish they’d know the hurt they put my family through,” said Mr. Lowe’s brother, Donald Lowe.

According to the Canada Journal, the mistake was found several weeks after Mr. Caldwell was buried by Mr. Lowe’s family. The Lowe family held funeral services for their loved one back in December. The mistake at the crime lab was discovered just about a week ago.

“They released my paperwork with another man and Johnny is still there. I was told my Dr. Chris Sperry, who is the chief medical examiner, was told that an error had been made on her part and he had spoken with the family,” said the coroner.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, 51-year-old Johnny Lowe passed away after falling down a flight of stairs. The GBI has been working with Lowe’s family to right this mistake, but nothing has been done just yet. The GBI suggested leaving Caldwell’s body where it is and finding a different place to bury Mr. Lowe, but that’s not what his family wants.

“This blew me off my feet. These people made me madder than hell. I didn’t even want to talk to him anymore. He insulted me to start with by not showing up at my home with a priest or pastor or someone stating how big a mistake it was. You don’t throw out that kind of mistake out over the phone… They need to put this guy with his family and put my family here,” said Donald Lowe.

[Photo courtesy of CBS News/YouTube]