Willie Nelson Dead? Internet Freaks Out As Another Celebrity Death Hoax Makes The Rounds

The internet is buzzing this morning with news that country icon and legend Willie Nelson has died. One big problem is that the buzz is kind of pointless since the country crooner isn't dead at all. Sure, he may be 81-years-old, but he's still alive and truckin' and touring, so Willie Nelson isn't dead -- he's simply the victim of another celebrity death hoax.

The website MSMBC posted the article that Willie Nelson was "found dead today in his Maui home." It goes on to give details to state that rumors of his death first circulated early on February 21 by social media outlets, and that the police later confirmed the news.

With the article was even a picture showing his face looking all solemn and the dates of his life.

The article states that a groundskeeper was doing some routine maintenance on Nelson's property and found him dead on the front lawn. He called 911, and the police came out to the scene to reportedly find Nelson dead. There even quotes from the "police."

"There was no evidence of drug abuse or alcohol and no signs of foul play," said Det. Aldeson.

Here's the issue with all of this. Many people will see the site and think it is MSNBC when it's really just MSMBC. The latter is not a real news site by any stretch of the imagination.

There are other fake story links on the side of the article, but they all lead back to the article about Willie Nelson's so-called death. At the bottom of the page are links to their "About," "Terms of Use," and "Privacy," but they all lead nowhere.

Even with more quotes from the police in the article, don't believe that Willie Nelson is dead, because he isn't.

"Determining an official cause of death could take as long as 3 weeks," said County Coroner Frank Shultz. "It's just too early to tell what caused his tragic death."
The article is sadly making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media without having any real merit. It states that the "story is still developing and all information is not yet officially verified."

Of course, it is and it hasn't. That's because it isn't even remotely true.

The Missoulian just reported a day ago that Willie Nelson is going to play Ogren Park in the middle of June with Alison Kraus. Sure, anything is possible to happen, but the death of Willie Nelson right now isn't one of them.

Willie Nelson is not dead. He is the victim of the newest celebrity death hoax going around, one that people are going to believe because it's being shared by a ton of people.

[Image via Broadway World]