Serial Rapist In South Africa Gets 1,500 Year Sentence

A serial rapist in South Africa, forensically linked to most of his 30 rapes and found guilty of 144 serious criminal charges, has received a hefty sentence of 1,535 years in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court in Johannesburg this week.

Despite clear evidence presented, Albert Justice Morake continued to deny any wrongdoing on his part. However, according to forensic evidence and witness testimony, Morake would rape his victims, often in front of their partners, who were held bound and helpless. Following the rape, he would often advise his victims on how to avoid being raped again.

The rapist began his kidnapping and rape spree in 2007 and carried on for five years, targeting couples either in the street or in their cars. He would bind the male of the couple and then take them to a secluded spot where he would then rape the woman in front of her partner.

Judge Strydom explained to the court how Morake committed his crimes.

“In most instances he targeted a man and a woman walking together or while sitting in a vehicle, threatened them with a firearm robbed them of their possessions, tied the male victim with his shoe laces and took them to an isolated spot where he raped the woman.

“In cases where the accused acted with accomplices, the accomplices would also rape the victims also after the accused raped them first.”

In one particular incident, Morake shot one of the kidnapped victims, leaving them for dead. This is a part of what led Judge Rean Strydom to set the sentence so high, as he believes Morake is capable of murder should he encounter resistance from his victims.

It was also the man’s total lack of remorse and arrogance that led the judge to pronounce a sentence of over 1,500 years in jail on Wednesday. The SABC reported that this is one of the heftiest sentences ever handed down to a rapist in South Africa.

Apparently, Morake will serve a life sentence of 25 years and will then be able to apply for parole, but whether he will be successful is doubtful.

Victims who gave evidence at Mokake’s lengthy trial told the court how the rape had affected their lives. They said they were no longer able to trust men, suffered marital problems due to the rape and/or found they were scared to walk anywhere at night.

As Morake failed to react throughout the sentencing, Judge Strydom reiterated how badly this had affected his rape victims.

“The victims are unable to live normal lives.”

The judge added that Morake’s lack of remorse and continued denial that he had done anything wrong indicated that he was a serial rapist in South Africa who could never be rehabilitated.

Reportedly, the lawyer acting for Morake asked the court for leave to appeal, but this application was denied. Judge Strydom said it was unlikely another court would rule any differently given the severity of Morake’s crimes.

A full account of the sentencing of Morake as listed by IOL is included below.

  1. 30 life sentences for 30 rapes.
  2. 10 years each for three charges of enabling his accomplice to rape.
  3. 15 years each on the 24 robbery counts.
  4. Five years for each of the 41 kidnapping charges.
  5. Five years each for 28 charges of illegal possession of a firearm.
  6. One year each for six charges of illegal possession of ammunition.
  7. Three years for each of three theft charges.
  8. Six months each for two counts of assault.
  9. Five years each for three attempted robbery charges.
  10. Three years for an attempted murder charge

Investigating officer Nomsa Masuku said that at least getting a very good conviction will send the message to other rapists in South Africa that are still out there.

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[Image: Screengrab from SABC News video]