Liberal Geraldo Rivera Compares ‘Mother Jones’ To Senator Joseph McCarthy

Liberal journalist Geraldo Rivera, who in recent years has contributed to the Fox News Channel, went to bat for Bill O’Reilly on Friday’s edition of the O’Reilly Factor, and he had some harsh words for Mother Jones.

In spite of sharing many of the same political ideologies as the far-left magazine, Rivera saw the publication as the second coming of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the politician famous for a witch hunt of rumored Communists throughout the 1940s and ’50s.

Mother Jones‘ writer David Corn had called into question O’Reilly’s involvement in the 1982 Falklands War. After discrediting Corn with heavy documentation Friday night, O’Reilly turned to Rivera for insight into what Corn’s motives might have been.

Here’s what the veteran journalist had to say.

“I have no doubt the purge of Brian Williams by NBC led directly to this. This was the yen to the yang, the action, reaction. They got him; therefore, we had to get you. It was an absolute counterpoint to the Brian Williams scandal. I lament it. I saw it coming. That’s why I absolutely criticized the extent to which people were obsessing over Brian Williams and the lie. He told a lie. Let him correct the lie. Let him apologize for the lie. But he was destroyed. Now they’re coming after you to try exactly the same thing. It is so scary to me, Bill, because what’s next? Is Senator Joe McCarthy going to be resurrected now, and he’s going to hold in his hand, ‘I have a copy of every Communist in the TV news industry, and I will reveal them at a date in the future.’ This is absolutely scary and preposterous.”

Thus far, David Corn and Mother Jones are doubling down on the story that was largely discredited by O’Reilly Friday night.

While the news site was originally questioning whether O’Reilly was anywhere near the Falklands War, Corn has since backpedaled a bit saying that he never said O’Reilly’s reporting wasn’t deserving of the commendation it received from CBS News, just that the level of violence that O’Reilly hinted at never happened.

Corn did concede, however, to the rioting protesters that O’Reilly had witnessed.

What do you think, readers? Is Geraldo Rivera right to call out Mother Jones and compare them to former Senator McCarthy? Sound off in the comments section.