‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Meri Brown’s Divorce Reveal Teased In New Finale Preview

The Season 5 finale of Sister Wives airs Sunday night, and this is going to be a big episode for the long-running TLC show. There is a big change in the family dynamic ahead, and the finale is where the Brown family will break down the details and reasoning. What Sister Wives spoilers are available for the February 25 finale?

Us Weekly shared a new sneak peek at the Season 5 finale. Meri Brown has asked Kody and Robyn Brown to stop by her house for a chat. While Kody says this isn’t entirely unusual, there’s something about it that both Kody and Robyn know is outside the norm.

Meri admits she’s nervous and then she says she just talked to a lawyer. She goes on to say she had talked to the lawyer about getting a legal divorce, and that’s where the Sister Wives spoiler clip cuts off, with Kody and Robyn looking a bit stunned. TLC has shared a sneak peek into the finale, and it shows that this is an emotional event for the entire Brown family.

Examiner was the first to break the news about what is behind this dramatic finale. Meri and Kody Brown have legally divorced, and he has since legally married Robyn. The family issued a statement after the news made the rounds and indicated that the changes were simply a family restructuring move. Fans aren’t quite sure what that means, however, and the Sister Wives spoiler previews certainly make it seem that this is an emotional event, not just a legal restructuring.

Sunday’s finale will show the Brown family making this decision. While the family’s statement says that this was a decision they all came to together, the Sister Wives spoiler clips show that the decision came as a shock to some, and did propel some worries about how it would affect everybody. After the finale, the family will sit down for a special to discuss the Meri and Kody Brown divorce and talk about where things stand now.

There are a lot of rumors and theories floating around about what’s behind the Sister Wives divorce, but nobody knows anything for certain yet. Some think it has to do with Robyn’s kids, either related to the custody agreement with her ex-husband or something financial. There are fans who believe it is related to health insurance coverage, though others say that given the family’s self-employment status and the options available via the Affordable Care Act, an insurance issue doesn’t seem quite right.

Meri Brown recently tweeted the following.

“Can I just say tabloid? Or media? Come on, you guys have got to be smarter than that! ;-) Watch my REAL reason on March 1. #SisterWives

So just what is the real reason behind the Sister Wives divorce between Meri and Kody Brown? Fans will find out on Sunday, February 22, when the Season 5 finale airs. Luckily, TLC has already announced that Sister Wives Season 6 is on the way, and fans will be very anxious to catch up with the Brown family post-divorce to see where things stand now.

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