Judge Kathleen McCarthy ‘Outraged’ Poor Man Isn’t Paying $30K For Kid That Isn’t His

Judge Kathleen McCarthy (above left) is slowly but surely starting to become a household name for her role in the Carnell Alexander child support case.

You might remember Alexander from previous Inquisitr stories. He’s the low-income man who was wrongly listed as the father of a child that wasn’t his.

That child is grown now, and Carnell, thanks to Judge McCarthy, will have to pay $30,000 in back support to the young adult in spite of the fact that the mother admitted Alexander wasn’t the father and a DNA test absolved him from parentage.

Her reaction: big deal.

According to Reason, Kathleen McCarthy isn’t just unsympathetic; she’s outraged he would even try to get out of it.

“I am outraged that Mr. Alexander for two and a half decades failed to take this matter seriously,” she said. “That motion must be filed within 3 years after the child’s birth, or within one year after the order of filiation is entered. The defendant has failed to timely file this motion setting aside the acknowledgement of parentage.”

McCarthy was also ticked off at media sites like Reason and this one for “misrepresenting” what is going on with the case.

“I am outraged at the media for the willful misrepresentations of the facts of this case… Casting this court in a negative light.”

Reason contributor Matt Welch probably had the best rebuttal to the latter part of McCarthy’s comments.

“As we write about at Reason constantly, the criminal justice system in practice can look an awful lot like an apparatus for shaking every last dime out of the pockets of the poor. Poor communities get policed more, then have a much harder time meeting the Chinese water torture of court dates and filing deadlines, too often ending up in a revolving jail door for underlying offenses that just don’t merit such punishment.”

In a separate report from WXYZ, an ABC affiliate, Carnell Alexander says he had “good reason” to not file the motion that McCarthy is talking about.

Firstly, he said when he learned he might be the father, he had “just gotten out of prison” and had “no income and no savings.”

Carnell has an eighth grade education and couldn’t find a lawyer who would help him.

“Every court appearance that she said I made, I made it clear to them I was not the father of this child,” he added.

Do you think Judge Kathleen McCarthy is out of line for coming down on Alexander? Should he be forced to pay the child support as ordered?

[Image via Legal News]