Donna Hamer Loses Mind, Bites And Punches Boyfriend After Seeing ‘Gay’ Prank Picture

Donna Hamer, a 28-year-old English hairdresser, was in court this week, where she admitted to a violent assault on her 30-year-old boyfriend — now ex-boyfriend — after she saw a prank photo show up on his computer during an online chat. But while her attack on Rick Scherzo was insane enough, her motive for the biting, punching assault may be even crazier.

Hamer attacked her boyfriend, who is the father of her as-yet-unborn child, simply because she had suddenly, and wrongly, decided that he was gay.

The attack happened on September 19 of last year. Hamer and Scherzo were in their home as Scherzo was on his computer, chatting online with a friend, one known to be gay by both Scherzo and Hamer.

While the friend’s sexual orientation was not an issue to Scherzo and hadn’t previously appeared to be one to Hamer, the woman suddenly flipped out in disturbingly violent fashion when the friend messaged a picture of his exposed penis to Scherzo, as an ill-advised “prank.”

But apparently, Hamer was far more homophobic than either her boyfriend or his gay pal had previously noticed.

“He says Donna Hamer saw this picture and has gone mad,” Prosecutor Enza Geldard told the court in Burnley, England.

“She started calling him gay and wouldn’t let it go, although he told her it was just a joke.”

The pair had been a couple earlier in 2014, but split up. However, when Hamer told Scherzo she was pregnant, the couple reunited and moved in together. But obviously, the relationship was never a smooth one.

Hamer told Scherzo that she had a miscarriage after 12 weeks of pregnancy — leading Scherzo to suspect, and tell police, that she had never been pregnant in the first place.

But Hamer is now “heavily” pregnant, the court heard this week, and though Scherzo wants nothing more to do with her, he wants to be part of his child’s life — creating further complications.

Why Scherzo would want nothing to do with Hamer is pretty clear, from the description of the assault presented in court, which included a drunken Hamer punching Scherzo while screaming, “you’re gay,” as well as attempting to stab him with a foot-long kitchen knife.

When Scherzo attempted to hold her and stop the assault, she bit both his hands severely.

Finally, Scherzo threw a punch, striking Hamer in her face, which quelled the assault. But Hamer then went on Facebook with pictures of her injured face, claiming that Scherzo beat her up.

Even if Scherzo actually had been gay, why that would have provoked Donna Hamer into a homicidal rage at him was not explained.

[Image: Facebook]