‘Clash of Clans’ Update: Sneak Peek Number 1

Clash of Clans hasn’t had a real update since back in December. The developers over at Supercell tried to calm fans by releasing events that included a speed up for barbarians and dragons. That, however, did not quiet fans from expressing their want of a new update.

They want their Town Halls to be level 11. Though, as Game Zone notes, the last Clans update was fairly large, “the massive December patch was pretty massive introducing a ton of new features and tweaks, including a new layout editor, combat balancing, and an overhaul to the economy. “

You would think the Supercell would want to keep Clash of Clans players happy. The game is their biggest earner.

“Softbank-owned Supercell’s top grossing game, Clash of Clans, generated $49 million in revenue last month in the U.S. alone.”

That may be why Supercell is releasing sneak peeks of the upcoming patch: they want their fans to keep buying.

In the forums, Anoushka (a Supercell Staff member) posted the first sneak peek for fans. Clash of Clans will officially be getting cannon level 13, “It packs a punch and takes a lot of damage!”

In the same post, players were told that healers will be lighter on their feet.

“Healers no longer trigger air traps — just keep clear of Air Defense!”

Unfortunately, GameNGuide doubts that this Clash of Clans patch will include Town Hall 11, “unless this is going to be a huge one, and while it will be important I doubt it will be ‘huge’, that won’t happen. Think of all the game balancing that would have to happen. Nearly every part of the current game would have to be updated. Walls alone! My god, the expense on updating to new walls, because what is a new Town Hall worth if you can’t defend it proper?”

Eventually, the Town Hall will have to be upgraded. Otherwise, the game will go nowhere. As GameNGuide states, players must be able to defend the Hall properly. Clash of Clans may lose an element of fun if players began to be demolished due to inadequate defense.

Supercell plans to release more Clans sneak peeks over the next few days. They may call it “teasing,” but it feels more like torment.

What do you think, or hope, some of the sneak peeks will be? Are you rooting for Town Hall 11 in Clash of Clans?

[Photo Courtesy of Supercell]