Kim Jong Un’s Jersey Shore Haircut: Tribute To Reality Show DJ Or Cry For Attention?

Kim Jong Un’s new haircut has many people asking, “Is the North Korean dictator a fan of ‘Jersey Shore’?” The hairdo seems suspiciously similar to DJ Pauly D’s cut from the show. Then again, others suggest the Dear Leader was inspired by 90s hip hop. It’s a mystery we may never have the answer to. He plucked his eyebrows too.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim Jong Un debuted his new style at an politburo meeting to address problems in North Korea’s ruling Workers Party of Korea. The pictures were released by the North Korean paper, Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the party.

The dictator said during the meeting that the party needs to “wage an all-party intensive campaign against abuse of power, bureaucratism, irregularities and corruption.” Could the new haircut, with its sharp angles and rigid sides, be a message that Kim is ready to get tough with the party?

The new look instantly caught the Western media’s attention, where it received mostly positive reviews. CNN said the new hairdo was a “power haircut.” They surmised that the North Korean leader could be trying to look more like his father and grandfather.

Still, Jong Un could be trying for something more modern.

Kim Jong Un #NumberOneFan of @DJPaulyD

— Springheel Jack (@Springh33lJack) February 19, 2015

DJ Pauly D recently retweeted this comparison showing the new similarities. Other North Korea watchers find it difficult to believe that Kim Jong Un is a fan of Jersey Shore and instead are looking to the U.K. for the source of the dictator’s haircut.

Ironically, Joey Essex is also a DJ and featured in the “scripted reality” series The Only Way is Essex.

In any case, North Korean law might need to be changed to accommodate the Dear Leader’s style. According to Time Magazine, there are only 10 state-approved haircuts for men, and the Pauly D is not on the list. Did Kim Jong Un brazenly break his own laws?

North Korea Haircuts
North Korea Haircuts

And what about the eyebrows?

Kim Jong Un later called on party organizations to “conduct the organizational and political work in a fresh and viable manner so that the officials, party members and working people may turn out as one with the revolutionary faith, fighting spirit and revolutionary pluck to devotedly carry out the teachings of Kim Jong Il and the party’s policies under any condition.”

Jong Un may have been sporting his own “revolutionary pluck” to reinforce that fighting spirit.

Of course, Kim Jong Un could have changed his haircut and eyebrows just to get attention. If that was his aim, the new hairdo was a brilliant success.

[Images via Twitter/KCNA/AP]