Lady Gaga Bashed For Not Being Relevant ‘Like Katy Perry’

It’s another day and another Lady Gaga bashing occurs in the media. Today, it’s the Huffington Post that is attacking Lady Gaga for being irrelevant.

“She sold 1.1 million copies of Born This Way in its first week alone. Beyonce played her backup on ‘Telephone.’ Now, her off-brand engagement to Taylor Kinney (he proposed with a heart-shaped ring on Valentine’s day!) is barely news. She’s duetting with Tony Bennett and it’s unclear who is benefiting more from the collaboration. What happened?”

The Huffington Post and most other media outlets always bring up Katy Perry when criticizing Lady Gaga. They always talk about how Lady Gaga isn’t popular and as well-liked as Katy Perry. It’s entirely possible that Lady Gaga doesn’t want to be liked. That Grape Juice believes Gaga‘s social agenda is part of her “downfall,” especially seen during the video of her hit “Express Yourself.”

“Unlike Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach,’ Whitney Houston’s ‘Miracle,’ Janet’s ‘Rhythm Nation,’ and Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ (all picked from the primes of their respective careers), Gaga’s aggressive approach lacked subtlety and, let me tell it, style. The music video that accompanied the tune displayed grotesque imagery and, for some, an even harder to swallow direct message about gay rights. It was simply too much too soon.”

It may be true that Lady Gaga is piggybacking with Tony Bennett to stay relevant. Bragging about the Grammy she won on Twitter could be seen as desperate, since the jazz album Cheek to Cheek was guaranteed a Grammy no matter how good or bad the album was — Tony Bennett wins a Grammy for everything his name is on. But there is another way to look at it — Lady Gaga is taking risks and that’s very “Gaga” of her, to do something out of the ordinary for a pop star. As Young Money says, being bold and taking crazy risks is all part of Lady Gaga‘s brand.

“Lady Gaga takes complete ownership of who she is. She doesn’t apologize for her out-of-the-box thinking, for the unconventional way she expresses herself, for the choices she makes. When I think Lady Gaga, I think CONFIDENCE. When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, it is all about confident, believing in yourself, and what you have to offer.”

Lady Gaga has been asked to perform at the Grammy Awards earlier this month. She will be performing at the Oscars this Sunday. Besides recording with legends like Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga has also just recorded with Paul McCartney. She is currently getting ready to work with dance legend Giorgio Moroder. Lady Gaga is not irrelevant, but her critics just may be.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]