Coke-Snorting Statue: Marking This Year's Oscar Awards, Statue Stirs Controversy

Heather Tooley

A coke-snorting statue placed on Hollywood Boulevard to mark this weekend's annual Academy Awards has ruffled some feathers. The large gold statue, titled "Hollywood's Best Party," was placed near the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars will be held on Sunday. The Huffington Post writes that the statue shows a gold Oscar statue on its hands and knees, snorting coke with a rolled up hundred dollar bill that has white powder around it.

The coke-snorting statue was put on a pedestal that had its own security guard. It was installed near the theater by Plastic Jesus, a highly-regarded street artist in Los Angeles. The same artist stirred controversy last year with an Oscar statue about to put a needle in its arm, which was tied off with a belt. That statue was titled, "Hollywood's Best Kept Secret."

According to the report, the coke-snorting statue was only up a few hours before officials at the Chamber of Commerce wanted it removed. Plastic Jesus workers were immediate in their actions to get it out of the way so it wouldn't cause more trouble.

The Huffington Post asked Plastic Jesus why he created the coke-snorting statue.

"To bring attention to LA's cocaine addiction. Too many people will head off after the show and indulge in coke."

The controversial gold piece won't be hidden, however. It'll be moved to Melrose and Stanley on Saturday -- outside Urban Outfitters.

In Plastic Jesus' opinion, not enough discussion is placed on drugs in general.

"It's time Hollywood and the USA started talking about drugs. The current drug war is not working. In 2014 cocaine outsold Coca-Cola."

The true identity of Plastic Jesus isn't disclosed due to the "illegal nature of his work," explains.

His coke-snorting statue is bringing attention to the plight of Hollywood's infamous drug problem.

"We often hear about it when a high-profile celebrity perhaps goes into rehab. People like directors, producers, hair and make-up people, electricians, sound guys and so on, these people don't get the care, the treatment that the high-profile people can access."

He says he didn't want to a controversy with his artwork, but says the "message is out there."

Is the coke-snorting statue is ill-timed with the death of Parks and Recreation executive producer Harris Wittels this week. His death is believed to have been from a drug overdose. He died at the age of 30.

[Photo Credit: Instagram via Jezebel]