'Scandal' Spoilers: 'The Lawn Chair' Brings Epic, Big Episode Cast Teases

After a wild episode of ABC's Scandal Thursday night, Olivia Pope is back home and reunited with her Gladiators. The show takes a week off and returns on March 5 with another new episode. What Scandal spoilers are available for that show?

The Season 4, Episode 14 show is titled "The Lawn Chair," and there will be a tragedy that takes place in Washington D.C. that garners national attention. As the Scandal spoiler sneak peek shows, it seems the situation will be something of a take-off of the Michael Brown and Darren Wilson situation that played out in Ferguson, Missouri, last year.

In this case, the dead boy's father seemingly aims to get revenge and there is a tense stand-off. Olivia Pope is brought into the mix of things at some point and she is trying to diffuse the situation. ABC is touting this one as the most powerful episodes of Season 4, and it will certainly be an opportunity for Olivia to transition away from her kidnapping ordeal and move back into full-blown Gladiator mode.

In addition, there will be some wrapping up of loose ends regarding Vice President Andrew Nichols. Mellie, Elizabeth, and Huck certainly showed Nichols who really has the upper-hand in the blackmail game, but what does the White House do now? There's a big mess to clean up, and it would appear there's also a vice presidential spot to fill.

As crazy as this week's episode was, with Stephen Finch returning to rescue Olivia as well as her emotional and determined blow-up with Fitz, it seems there's plenty more craziness on the way. Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie, teased via Twitter that the next episode is one fans won't want to miss.

Young teased that the next episode, airing on March 5, would be "EPIC! For realz. Rest up now – it's a BIG ONE!"

While obviously the story revolving around the police shooting will be a big part of this next episode, Scandal spoiler photos from ABC tease that there is a lot of Mellie ahead in this one too. Mellie has made it clear now that she has big aspirations, and it seems she's ready to start moving toward those goals now.

Mellie has effectively gotten the vice president out of her way, but what does she tackle next? Smelly Mellie is gone, as much as fans loved her, and strong and determined Mellie is back and taking charge.

Fans are definitely disappointed that there is no new episode of Scandal airing on February 26, but it's clear that Shonda Rhimes and ABC are aiming to make up for that gap with a big episode on March 5. Tune into Season 4, Episode 14, "The Lawn Chair," when Scandal kicks things back into gear again for the rest of this killer season.

[Image via the Cerulean Chronicle]