Amber Portwood Acknowledges She Was A ‘Bad Kid’

Amber Portwood is best known for appearing on the hit MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. However, she is also known for her downward spiral which ultimately landed her in prison. However, Amber is now out of prison and is gearing up to appear on Teen Mom OG, a reboot of the original series that brings together the original cast.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, MTV will first air a Getting To Know You special for each girl where cameras will catch up with them. It turns out, though, that the special will go back to the beginning for each girl and, for Amber Portwood that means watching her 16 and Pregnant audition tape with her friends and family. The tape was made over seven years ago and Amber acknowledges how much she has changed since that time.

“I was so ****ing mean. I was a bad kid. I really was.”

In the audition tape, Gary Shirley, the father of Amber’s daughter, asks Amber a set of questions to audition for the show. She admits on the tape that her relationship with Gary isn’t the best, saying that he isn’t very sweet. Of course, anyone who watched the couple on Teen Mom knows that their relationship was quite tumultuous and that there was a lot of fighting between the two.

Amber Portwood also got to relive her mom’s reaction to her pregnancy as that was one of the questions asked for the audition.

“First I told my mom. I called her up and she was with her boyfriend out eating and I said, ‘please get home because I need to tell you something.’ And she said, ‘You better not be effing pregnant!’ At first she was like **** of course, because she hates him — my mom hates him.”

There was a time when fans weren’t huge fans of Amber, but ever since her prison release, fans have noticed that she has turned her life around for the better. As a result, her episode is one of the most highly anticipated of the bunch.

That isn’t the only thing going on for Amber, though. The reality show star isn’t as active as her costars on social networking, but now like her costars, Amber is verified on Twitter.

If you don’t follow Amber Portwood already, be sure to do so before her special airs on February 21!

[Image: via Twitter]