Real Reason Why ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules’ Ex-Fiancee Broke Off Relationship Revealed

On The Bachelor, Chris Soules has repeatedly said that he has always wondered if he could find someone who would be willing to live in his tiny and desolate town of Arlington, Iowa and actually enjoy it. His insecurity about his hometown probably has a lot to do with the fact that one of the biggest relationships of his life ended because the woman just couldn’t see herself living in Arlington for the rest of her life.

On Friday, OK! Magazine revealed that Chris’ ex-fiancee, Sheena Schreck, broke off the relationship because she wanted a new life on the West Coast.

According to a source, Chris and Sheena, after seven years of dating, were all set to get married. Unfortunately for Chris, Sheena unexpectedly called off the wedding and broke off the engagement because of her move to California. The source said that what really ended the relationship was Sheena’s desire to pursue her dreams in a big city and Chris’ desire to stay in his small farming town.

“Chris was devastated after Sheena left him to follow her dreams as a big-city girl. But Chris wouldn’t leave his farm, and that’s what ultimately drove a wedge between them. She just couldn’t stand the idea that she was going to live in Iowa for the rest of her life.”

During Chris Soules’ first one-on-one date with Jade Roper, he revealed that he, like Jade, had been engaged before. He explained that the relationship didn’t work out because they were young and grew apart. The long distance between Iowa and California didn’t help.

“I’ve been engaged — it was similar in the fact that it was early. We dated for seven years…We kinda did the long distance thing and, long story short, broke things off. And I think we’re both better off for that, even though it was hard for both of us. But it was the best we could do in a tough situation.”

Chris’ ex-fiancee, Sheena Schreck, seems to be living a very different life now than what she would have had if she stayed with Chris in Arlington. Instead of farming, she’s out paddle boarding in warm waters. According to the bio page of her company, SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Iowa, she now lives two blocks away from the ocean in Laguna Beach, California.

“A true Pisces, Sheena is a true fish when it comes to her love for water! A summer college internship that took her to the islands of Hawaii was where Sheena knew she could never live away from the water…Her first board purchase was in 2010 and since then she has enjoyed the sport all over California including the bays of Newport Beach, Dana Point Harbor, and San Francisco….Sheena’s favorite place to launch her board is two blocks from her home in Laguna Beach, California at Fisherman’s Cove.”

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Britt Nilsson, who seemed to be the frontrunner the moment she stepped out of the limo, was sent home after Chris was told that she lied about her enthusiasm for living in Arlington. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris, in his latest blog post for People, pretty much called Britt out for being fake the entire time.

Now the question remains, for those who have not read the spoilers, which of the three women remaining on The Bachelor will Chris Soules choose on the finale and whether he’ll propose. Will it be Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley, or Kaitlyn Bristowe? Furthermore, will the chosen woman actually end up living a happy life in Arlington with Chris?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]