Tom Brady Has Few Regrets, Loss To Giants Is One Of Them

If you are Tom Brady you pretty much can say you have a lot of things going well in your life, 5 Super Bowl appearances, three super bowl rings, Brazilian super model wife, brand new $20 million dollar home, endorsement deals etc.

He does have one thing that drives him crazy though. His 2008 loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl. He says he still has trouble watching the highlight reels from that game. That game is the one that broke up his and Coach Bill Belichick’s one shot. Their one shot at a fully undefeated season. The 19-0 record gone in a blink of an eye.

Noe he has a chance for revenge.

In two weeks the Patriots will go to Indianapolis to take on the Giants in a playoff rematch when it all counts again, at the Super Bowl. This time will be a little different though.

The Patriots have a weakened defense and the majority of the offensive line was not there in 2008. The Patriots, while having a good season, are a far cry from being undefeated.

The Giants are a different team too. The offensive line is mostly comprised of players that only started working with quarterback Eli Manning this year. Manning is the one wild card in the game though. He has matured dramatically since the Super Bowl in 2008. He is better under pressure, more controled in the pocket and able to hit more down field passes than he ever was.

This game is going to be a true rivalry if there ever was one, who will come out on top is anyone’s guess.

My predictions, Giants 27, Patriots 21