Whitney Bischoff Said ‘I Love You’ To Chris Soules To Save The Relationship On ‘The Bachelor’?

Bachelor contestant Whitney Bischoff is a favorite front-runner for many, because she has been so open and honest about her feelings for Chris Soules. In addition, Whitney revealed that she no longer had parents and would be willing to move to Iowa to live with Chris, even though Arlington does seem far away from everything. But Bischoff could have pulled the trigger prematurely when it came to her feelings.

During the hometown dates, Whitney Bischoff decided to tell Chris that she was falling in love with him. This statement came just after her sister truly questioned Soules’ intentions with her, and she wouldn’t give him her blessing to propose until she knew that Whitney was the only person left for him. In all honesty, it was a fair statement.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Chris Harrison believes that Whitney Bischoff only told Chris that she loved him because she wanted to rectify the damage that her sister may have caused. Harrison doesn’t question Whitney’s feelings for Soules, but he does think the timing was a bit off.

“Whitney, I think, might’ve said it out of fear. I think she loves him, but I was worried she said it because she was worried about the damage her sister had done. She said in that interview, ‘I feel like now I need to tell him because of that,’ and maybe she’s not lying by any means, but her hand felt forced into going ahead and admitting it,” Harrison has said about Bischoff’s quick actions to speak her mind.

As for Chris, he didn’t mind Whitney’s honesty about her feelings. And apparently, Soules didn’t seem to mind Bischoff’s sister and her harsh comments about not giving him her blessing.

“I could have never predicted what happened with her sister… I knew how strong Whitney’s feelings were for me, and it caught me off guard that her sister refused to give her blessing. I totally understood her position, because this was a weird situation: a) she isn’t Whitney’s parent, and b) I was dating three other women.”

He also admits that not getting the blessing from Bischoff’s sister didn’t change his feelings for Whitney at all. Perhaps, he just saw this as a challenge, where he had to prove to her sister that Bischoff was indeed the only one for him. When he heard those three little words from Whitney, Soules said that the entire experience was worth it.

According to the Inquisitr, Whitney Bischoff has officially quit her job at the fertility clinic where she worked while filming The Bachelor. Bischoff is possibly packing up her bags and moving to Arlington.

What do you think of Whitney Bischoff’s confession? Was it heartfelt or strategic?

[Image via ABC]