‘Smash’ Actress Krysta Rodriguez Has Breast Cancer At The Age Of 30

Smash actress Krysta Rodriguez has revealed that she has been battling breast cancer since September 2014 but Broadway and television actress Krysta wasn’t about to let something like breast cancer beat her down. According to the Mail 30-year-old Krysta has chosen to start up a blog so she could “live as loudly as I can.”

Krysta’s blog, ChemoCouture, launched on Thursday with the stated intent of sharing beauty tips, diet information, and more for young women experiencing cancer. In a frank and honest post entitled “It’s a whole long Boob Story” Krysta has and opened up about her battle against the killer disease.

Krysta said, “On September 24, 2014 at age 30, I was diagnosed with stage 2B ductal carcinoma: in-situ and invasive. Fancy words for breast cancer.”

“Now as far as cancer goes, I have the Cadillac of tumors. It’s slow growing, highly treatable and not really interested in spreading. My doctor calls it an ‘old lady cancer.’ I always knew I was ahead of my time! Picture a lump sitting in a BarcaLounger eating Cheetos and enjoying the warm, cozy studio apartment I’ve been providing for it on Left Breast Lane. No one would want to leave that, am I right? Well, sorry buddy. I’m the landlord from hell and it’s eviction time.”

Krysta revealed that having to undergo chemotherapy was a big fear for her. She says that she “begged, coaxed and flirted with every doctor” in an attempt to avoid that form of treatment. The New York Daily News reports that Krysta was honest in saying that her reluctance was partly for vanity reasons. She said “I’m an actress. I make my living with my appearance to some degree, so being confronted with the idea of my whole body changing has been a tough one.”

Whilst appearance was an issue for Krysta, she was also worried about the effect Chemo would have on her fertility. People Magazine say that Krysta said “Chemo is basically an indiscriminate A-bomb that gets dropped in your body, nuking everything in its path, but I’ve got some eggs in there that I wasn’t quite ready to cook.” Krysta reveals that she has some of her eggs put “on ice” in what she calls the “great harvest” incase her fertility is affected by her treatment.

Krysta took to social media platform Twitter to thank fans and well-wishers for their support saying that she was grateful to those who shared their stories.


Krysta says that her blog has been set up to share beauty tips, fashion ideas and diet changes to the “many young, vibrant and fashion loving women out there who want to look their best, even when we’re feeling like crap.”

In conclusion Krysta said “2015 is my year with cancer. Might as well make it a beautiful one!”

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]