‘Young And Restless’ Recap: The Cover-Up Of Austin’s Apparent Murder Hits A Snag

The residents of Genoa City have been through some wild experiences this week on The Young and the Restless. The February 20 show moved quite a few storylines ahead, and fans won’t want to miss a thing that went down. What’s available for the Young and Restless recap for Friday’s show?

As Friday’s episode opened, everybody at the Abbott cabin was discussing the cover-up of Austin’s death. Summer was hesitant to go along with the plan though. Abby and Mariah discussed a possible murder motive, She Knows Soaps details, as they confront one another about having kissed Austin.

Just as Mariah threatens to ask the others about something going on between Abby and Austin, Abby grabs her and admits it’s true. Abby says it’s the perfect motive for Summer to have killed Austin while Mariah points out it’s a motive for Abby too if Austin wouldn’t leave Summer for her.

Kevin blames Fen for drugging the punch while Courtney makes a call to summon help. They decide their story is that Austin went outside to get a ladder, and Fen is tasked with getting rid of the bookend. When Fen comes back, Austin’s body is missing.

Lauren and Michael are worried about Jill’s plane being missing, and the weather is causing issues with a rescue attempt. When Lauren notices Michael seems tired, he reveals that he missed a treatment. She’s angry but apologizes for snapping at him.

At the site of the crash, everybody is sleeping and soon everyone but Hilary wakes up. Devon is worried about her and tells Lily he can’t lose her. Cane tells Neil he’s sorry for not revealing the truth, and he says that Devon and Hilary love one another, but they also love Neil.

Devon decides he should try to find help, and everybody studies a map Colin has found. As Devon prepares to go, against Jill’s advice, he promises he’ll be back and he’ll make things up to Neil. Before he can go, the group realizes that Neil has snuck off with the map.

Back at The Underground, Jack admits he came back after initially leaving because he was worried about Phyllis. Victor is trying to find out what Jack was going to say about Adam while Nick and Dylan are scrambling to get to the group as more debris falls on everybody. The two realize they had better get out of the building.

Nick and Dylan arrive at Crimson Lights, and Sharon reveals the truth about the accident. Nick is mad at first, but Dylan interjects and says he was ready to cover for her. Sharon tells Nick how anxious she’s been, and he apologizes and says he doesn’t want her living like that. Avery isn’t happy to hear that Dylan was planning to cover for Sharon.

Just as Jack is about to say something again about Adam, rescue workers reach the group. Phyllis and Nikki get out, and then Jack and Victor butt heads over which of them will go next. Before Jack gets out, debris falls on him. Both men are still stuck inside the crumbling building as Friday’s Young and Restless episode ends.

The show has teased that someone would die this week, and obviously it looked like that would be Austin. However, as Celeb Dirty Laundry teases, now there is seemingly room for speculation that Austin is still alive. Where is Austin’s body? Will he be the big death the show teased or is there a shocker ahead? Tune into The Young and the Restless airing weekdays on CBS to see what comes next for the residents of Genoa City.

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