June 26, 2020
Jilissa Zoltko Flaunts Cleavage In Revealing Crop Top

Jilissa Zoltko took to her Instagram page today to tease her 720,000 followers with a flirty new upload. The model posted two photos of herself showcasing her shapely assets in a plunging cropped tee.

Jilissa was photographed indoors. She didn't add a geotag on the post, but the place she was in looked like a lounge area of a resort. In the first pic, she sat on the headrest of a white cushioned sofa. She posed by spreading her legs with one knee bent and placed her arms on her thighs. She gave a big smile as she gazed into the camera. Her lightly tanned skin glowed from the bright sunlight that came in nearby.

In the second snapshot, the model glanced away from the lens. She still had that giant smile on her face and looked like she was about to laugh.

In the update, Jilissa rocked a mint green cropped T-shirt from PrettyLittleThing. The garment was held by an O-ring in the middle. The partly open clothing featured a plunging neckline that flaunted her decolletage. The tight fit of the piece seemed to push her breasts inward, exposing more of her voluptuous cleavage in the process. It seemed like she ditched the bra, but her nipples were covered and not visible from underneath the shirt.

She paired the top with a pair of slightly darker joggers made from soft cotton material. The bottoms were not like the traditional loose joggers but offered a more body-hugging fit. The waistband sat high on her flat stomach, obscuring her bellybutton from view. It also helped accentuate her chiseled abs. To complete her look, she sported a pair of white Nike trainers.

As usual, Jilissa wore a full face of makeup. The application appeared to include a high-coverage foundation, groomed eyebrows, thick mascara, and black eyeliner. She also looked to have applied bronzer and coral lipstick. She accessorized with gold hoop earrings, a bangle, and a ring. She purposely left her neck bare, ditching the necklace to let viewers focus solely on her chest and outfit.

Instead of words, Jilissa dropped a lizard emoji in the caption and tagged PrettyLittleThing. In under a day, the latest update has been liked over 22,800 times and received about 250 comments. A group of online admirers dived into the comments section and wrote compliments for the model. Many of them expressed their admiration for her beautiful smile and fit body.

"I just got this top! I'm so excited to wear it! It looks gorgeous on you!" a fan commented.

"I love to see that smile! Such a cute outfit," another follower wrote.