Louis CK ‘Alien’ Sequel? Comedian Wants To Be Cast, Killed Off In The Film [Rumor]

Could there be a Louis CK Alien role in Neill Blomkamp’s newest project? Rumored comeback co-star Sigourney Weaver seems to think so.

This rumor started when the actress appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he started asking her about the new Alien sequel. Who better to ask than the person who starred in the first four films in the series, aside from Blomkamp himself?

It’s unclear even how Sigourney Weaver can be brought back, since the box office bomb known as Alien Resurrection had her playing the sole successful clone of Ripley, combined with alien DNA due to the way she killed herself in the third film. Fans probably won’t want to see the return of that clone.

A possible Louis CK Alien role could also be distracting, says Cinema Blend. Unless he can pull off a genuinely different kind of character than we’ve seen, he might only take away from the terror of the titular monsters. He’s known for his comedic roles, with only his award-winning Louie series being potentially serious.

Comedians are rarely good in serious roles, though it hasn’t stopped Christopher Titus (Scar, CSI: Miami), Rodney Dangerfield (Natural Born Killers), and Robin Williams (Dead Poets Society) from succeeding.

That didn’t stop Weaver from telling Jimmy Fallon how the comedian supposedly wants to be cast in the Alien movie either.

“Louis CK said, ‘I want to be in [the next Alien movie], and I want to die in a terrible way!’ And I said, ‘I’m sure something can be rearranged.'”

Apparently, the comedian doesn’t want to play a major role or be in most of it. He allegedly only wants to be in it long enough to have a really horrible death.

All we have for now is speculation and rumor based on what Sigourney Weaver told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and the comedian has yet to confirm it.

Can you see a Louis CK Alien role opening up in the upcoming sequel?

[Picture by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]