'Voice' Coach Christina Aguilera Headed To 'Nashville'

Has fellow Voice coach and country star Blake Shelton rubbed off on Christina Aguilera? It seems the pop diva is getting in touch with her inner cowgirl as she's signed on to do a guest role on the country music series, Nashville.

People magazine reports Aguilera has signed on for multiple episodes of Nashville, playing a pop star who wants to go country. While one could argue the lines between pop and country blur more everyday, with artists such as Taylor Swift going from country to pop, and Kelly Clarkson going from pop to country, it might be a bit difficult for fans to imagine Christina Aguilera singing with a southern twang.

Christina will play Jade St. John, a pop sensation who has been on the fast track in that genre a long time, but when she stops in Nashville for a couple of days on her tour, decides it's time to pursue her dream of recording a country album. But what should be a simple matter for a huge star isn't so straightforward. Apparently her label isn't too keen on the idea of messing with a formula that has been such a huge commercial success.

Pop stars taking a turn at acting is nothing new, but the latest twist seems to be genre-bending. Grunge queen Courtney Love is currently doing a guest-starring stint on Empire, which centers around a powerful record label in the world of hip-hop. Love is getting rave reviews, but will Aguilera win over country fans of Nashville and can she even pull off a country-style performance?

Christina Aguilera is no stranger to the world of acting, starring in the feature film Burlesque with Cher, and a cameo in Get Him to the Greek. In addition to the guest starring role on Nashville, Rolling Stone reports Aguilera has a TV series in the works for ABC Family called Hearts and Clubs, which revolves around the lives of Las Vegas entertainers.

With her guest starring role on Nashville, and her series The Voice premiering its eighth season February 23, the new mom has a lot on her plate. Speaking of motherhood, Christina Aguilera and her six month-old daughter, Summer Rain, grace the cover of People magazine this week and it's apparent her baby girl has inherited her mama's blue eyes.

The dates that Aguilera's episodes of Nashville will air haven't been released yet, but you can catch Christina twice a week on The Voice starting next Monday, February 23.

[Photo by Brian Bowen Smith/NBC]