Iggy Azalea Bikini Cellulite Photos Bring More Than 200K Searches, Says Google Trends -- See The Pics!

There's a reason why Google Trends reported that search terms like "Iggy Azalea" received more than 200,000 searches on Thursday, February 19. Related searches like "Iggy Azalea bikini" and "Iggy Azalea cellulite" were also listed as those coming in fast and furious on Thursday. And this reporter won't lie -- she was among those Googling "Iggy Azalea bikini" and "Iggy Azalea cellulite" to find the photos of Azalea that purported to show so much of Iggy's cellulite in a bikini on vacation that it caused the singer to quit Twitter after returning from vacation. A perusal of Google Images shows plenty of "Iggy Azalea bikini" and "Iggy Azalea cellulite" photos.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Azalea was on vacation in Hawaii and wore a red bikini when the cellulite photos were snapped.

In the wake of the cellulite on her butt being exposed, Iggy Azalea quit Twitter, saying, "The internet is the ugliest reflection of mankind," according to the Independent.

Yes, body shaming is horrible, and no one loves Twitter trolls. However, with Iggy Azalea telling the world to focus on her "Booty" -- as is the title of one of her songs -- the 24-year-old shouldn't necessarily be surprised when people do what Iggy suggests. This time, it turned out not to be the glamorized, photoshopped, glitzy, and glamorous way that stars who control their images are seen.

Notably, the Iggy Azalea Twitter page () tweeted her pleas for peace on vacation, and derided the photographer for hiding out and taking those famous cellulite bikini snaps of Azalea.

"I just want to have peace and relaxation time without a perve with long distance lens hiding out taking pictures, everyone deserves peace."

While Wendy Williams defended Azalea, urging folks to just leave her alone, the Iggy Azalea backlash is what one would expect from a beautiful singer who teases and taunts folks with her beautiful backside, crooning, "bet you wish you could clutch that," and freestyle rapping that Azalea is the "new b$tc7" wearing "new sh7t" and calling her man's ex-girlfriend "too thick" and other such terms. With Azalea taking on the rap bravado and machismo of a male artist -- such as those who call themselves the greatest ever -- it's not surprising that folks would look for things to take Iggy down a notch, including cellulite-ridden bikini photos. Nevertheless, none of it should take away from the God-given rhyming skills of Azalea.

[Lead image via Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock.com]