New York Man Douses Woman With Lighter Fluid And Set Her Face On Fire, Police Say

New York man William Norwood threw lighter fluid in a woman’s face over an argument about $10, police say. The woman was hospitalized with second degree burns to her face and hands. Norwood has been charged with attempted murder.

William Norwood, 52, allegedly flickered a lighter near the woman’s face after splashing her with lighter fluid on Wednesday morning. The Bronx man then reportedly fled his Tremont home as the 48-yaer-old woman was rushed to Jacobi Medical Centre.

Norwood’s mother, Nora, is believed to have witnessed at least part of the argument and told police it began of money. “She said something like, ‘I didn’t take no money, I don’t have the $10. She said, ‘You had it. I didn’t take it.'”

The suspect’s mother also reportedly told Bronx law enforcement officers that her son maintains that the woman “went crazy” and set herself on fire. “I saw her burns and they looked really awful,” Nora Norwood, 79, said. William Norwood has also been charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police have said.

“I got up and came out and I said to her, ‘Why don’t you just go home honey, just go home,” William Norwood’s mother said. The unnamed lighter fluid attack victim reportedly refused to leave the Bronx apartment. The victim was able to put out the fire burning on her face, hands, and hair relatively quickly, according to police reports.

“He’s been in trouble before with the policemen. He talks a lot. He’s a little mouthy,” Nora Norwood added. The New York man accused of dousing a woman’s face with lighter fluid and setting her on fire has been arrested at least 18 times in the past, but most of the charges are sealed, according to the New York Post.

The recent attack in New York is not the first time lighter fluid has been used as a weapon in recent years.

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