Why American Is Fighting ISIS In Syria: ‘My Government Wouldn’t Do It’

Jason Matson, a former U.S. military serviceman, decided to pack his bags and go to Syria to fight ISIS because “my government wouldn’t do it.”

In an exclusive interview with On The Record with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Matson, a native of Wisconsin, talked about why he left the comfort of his home to help the Kurdish forces fighting the brutal Islamic extremist group.

“Well… (laughs) no major power on the last two years said they would send troops on the ground, so at a certain point, a certain amount of people getting genocided (sic) Yazidis and Christians I decided if my government wasn’t going to do anything about it, I would, ma’am and I came over here,” Matson told Van Susteren when asked why he is there.

The former U.S. military man reveals he served as a Airborne infantryman and is also a Christian, a group targeted by ISIS terrorists who recently beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. Matson says he is not the only American fighting ISIS in Syria — he knows of around 50 others who have joined the Kurds.

Jason Matson in Syria
Image via Facebook

When asked what is it like to be over there, Matson chuckles and says it’s not like the conventional deployment he has been used to during his military career.

“It’s a shock for a lot of the guys. You’re usually going from mud hut to mud hut and you don’t have any of the essentials like sewage and electricity. You have a basket of bread and usually some vegetables and you go out and fight at night because nobody likes to fight during the day. You get within one hundred meters of the enemy. Quite a bit different over here.

“We just have the basics, ma’am… rocket-propelled grenades, dragunovs, PKCs, and PKMs, light machine guns… we could really use a lot of help from the United States and start arming Syrian Kurds.”

Jason Matson in Syria
Image via Facebook

The American fighting ISIS in Syria says the locals have nothing but good things to say about the United States and have taken “great care” of him since he arrived. Additionally, Matson observed that the Kurds are a very secular society and treat all ethnic groups the same way.

Jason Matson says he is not afraid and he is there for a reason: to defend the locals from the advance of ISIS terrorists. He predicts in the end that the war against the Islamic extremists will be won, but it will just take longer than everyone wants. Watch the entire interview here.

[Image via Fox News]