Stephen Hawking: Humanity Doomed Unless We Colonize Other Planets

Renowned scientist Professor Stephen Hawking has claimed that the survival of the human race depends on colonizing other planets. He also stated that aggression is the trait that could lead to the demise of humanity.

Professor Hawking, who was recently immortalized in the movie The Theory of Everything, was speaking at the Science Museum in London when he said that he believes the future of the human race depends on our ability to explore space.

According to the International Business Times, when Stephen Hawking was asked what human faults he would change if he could, he stated that humans needed to weed out aggression.

"The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression, it may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory, or partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all.

"A major nuclear war would be the end of civilization, and maybe the end of the human race. The quality I would most like to magnify is empathy. It brings us together in a peaceful, loving state."

According to the Daily Mail, Professor Hawking added that human space exploration was "life insurance" for the human race and must continue.

"Sending humans to the moon changed the future of the human race in ways that we don't yet understand, It hasn't solved any of our immediate problems on planet Earth, but it has given us new perspectives on them and caused us to look both outward and inward.

"I believe that the long term future of the human race must be space and that it represents an important life insurance for our future survival, as it could prevent the disappearance of humanity by colonising other planets."

The Daily Telegraph says that Stephen Hawking made the comments while escorting an American visitor around London's Science Museum as part of a "Guest of Honour" prize. Adaeze Uyanwah, 24, from the U.S., won the tour after producing a blog and video describing a "perfect day" in the UK capital.

This is not the first time that professor Hawking has stated that space travel is the key to long-term human survival. In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo in 2014, Stephen Hawking claimed that it is important to invest in space travel. Where some other scientists have said spending billions on space missions is wasteful, 73-year-old Hawking disagrees, saying that it "has driven and continues to drive major scientific and technological advances."

Hawking has said that he believes that, one day, mankind will achieve a "theory of everything." Clearly, Hawking believes that continued investment in space travel is essential if we are to achieve this goal.

Stephen Hawking said, "I think we will get to understand the origin and structure of the Universe. In fact, right now we're close to achieving this goal. In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind."

Do you agree with Professor Stephen Hawking? Is space travel an essential and worthwhile investment in the future of the human race, or is it an expensive frivolity in tough economic times?

[Photo by Paul. E. Alers/NASA via Getty Images]