Talk Show Queen Defends Iggy Azalea [Video]

Iggy Azalea has been fighting with a lot of haters lately, although Azalea finally has someone in her corner, none other than talk show queen, Wendy Williams.

The outspoken Williams has stepped up to defend Iggy against all the criticism she’s been facing lately.

It all came about over a picture of the “Fancy” rapper in a bikini, and she received some pretty awful comments.

The 50-year-old talk show host stood up for Azalea on her show this week.

According to E! News, Williams asked her audience, “Would guys stop with the Iggy Azalea?! How much hate do you guys have?!”

People have had a lot of hate for Iggy lately, from fighting with Azealia Banks and Q-tip to all of the Twitter feuds she’s had that have even pushed Iggy to get some space from social media.

Williams went on to admonish her audience and viewers after all the body bullying Iggy received. She added that she knew where all the hate was coming from and why – all because Iggy is a white rapper.

Williams stated, “I want you all to leave her alone. I know who the haters are: my people…It seems like black people don’t want this girl to win because she’s white.”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Williams added, “You’re a hater because she’s crossed over and you’re mad that she’s managed to make it…You’re a hater ’cause she got herself what looks like a black girl’s butt and a black boyfriend, Nick Young. You need to stop that hate and get a life haters.”

And how are people responding to Williams coming to defense of the 24-year-old rapper?

It looks like Wendy Williams has stoked the public’s ire and is going to have to start defending herself against the haters and not just Iggy Azalea.

[Photo Courtesy of E! Online]