Statue of Jesus Christ Weeps After Political Election

Greece has elected a new prime minister, and the results have Jesus Christ in tears.

The left-wing Syriza party of Greece won the general elections on January 25, meaning that a new prime minister would be sworn in, Alexis Tsipras. So what would Tsipras being sworn in as prime minister cause a statue of Jesus to cry?

Tspiras is the “first ever openly atheist prime minister of Greece,” according to Christian Post. Apparently an atheist being able to govern Greece has caused Jesus to tear up.

Village’s statue of Christ hasn’t stopped crying since debt-riddled country voted in Left-wingers Makes sense

— William M. Briggs (@mattstat) February 19, 2015

While being sworn in on January 26, Tspiras “decided to take a civil, rather than a biblical oath,” breaking with a long tradition.

It was since Tspiras’ election that “a religious icon of Jesus Christ in a small village in Greece has been ‘weeping,'” according to Newsweek.

The statue of Jesus “dates from early last century” and has been housed in the church of St. Nicholas in Asprokampos, Corinthia. Sources claim that Jesus has been “secreting an oily liquid,” causing people to believe that Jesus is crying.

On Monday, the Bishop of Corinth visited the church along with many others who have wanted to see the crying Christ. The small village has actually even started “guarding the church to ensure that nobody removes the icon or tries to take a sample of the ‘tears,'” although members of the Greek Orthodox church do want scientists to come in and “investigate the occurrence.”

So is it possible that the statue of Jesus Christ is really crying in connection with the election of an atheist to office?

Yiannis Baboulias, a Greek investigative journalist, states that Jesus is most likely not crying. Baboulias claims that weeping religious icons in Greece are not uncommon, but “noted that the connection the church is attempting to make between the occurrence and the victory for Syriza is a new one.”

Baboulias stated, “The weeping icon is an urban legend that resurfaces every now and again in Greece. Stories like this happen all the time, and this one is really funny.”

Baboulias offered an explanation for the ‘tears’ of Jesus, though. He stated that the “oily liquid” has a more natural cause.

“What is really happening is simply that the paint on the icon is starting to leak due to environmental changes,” stated Baboulias.

You may just have to decide for yourself. Is the statue of Jesus Christ crying an urban legend or a religious miracle?

[Photo Courtesy of Newsweek]