WWE News: Vince McMahon Very High On WWE NXT Star Finn Balor, Could Balor Be Pushed Massively Soon?

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon helps to decide everything we see on WWE programming, all except for one place… WWE NXT. NXT has not only been impressive to fans, but it is critically acclaimed as one of the best things going in all of professional wrestling. Triple H runs the NXT brand and helps to prepare the current NXT stars for their future on the main roster. Most feel if what we see on NXT is seen on the main roster, the future is surely bright for WWE.

One man has been impressive since day one in NXT, and that man is Finn Balor. Formerly known as Prince Devitt with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he has traveled around the world and has been seen by millions in various countries. The Irish-born wrestler is not only what WWE needs, it is what WWE deserves. He has an ability to connect with fans with a presence that is tough to train into someone. You’re either born with this ability or you’re not it seems. So it should come as no surprise that Vince McMahon has taken notice.

According to Daily Wrestling News, while Triple H is a big fan of Balor, McMahon is a huge fan as well. Balor’s push in the NXT main event picture is due to this many believe. Vince is big on supporting the Balor push, and he will most likely call for Balor to be moved up to the main roster soon. It is said that when Balor signed, he wanted, and was assured, that he would not spend much time in developmental.

This could be why there are rumors that he and a few others could be coming to WWE’s main roster very soon.

Balor has charisma that is almost unmatched. His face and body paint has caught on in a major way with his new audience at WWE. While people know what he has done overseas, others are not as aware. As a result of this, WWE is loving the attention he has gotten. On top of this, Vince is probably happy with Balor’s look. While he is not a huge man, he is in very good shape and the size of a man like Seth Rollins.

Many believe that Vince and Triple H would want to push Balor massively once he reaches the main roster. Due to his age, WWE knows they have a short window to work with. While Balor looks in his mid-20s, he is really in his 30s. The window will eventually close, so WWE must figure out a way to use him immediately. Do not be surprised if Balor appears and is in a marquee storyline the moment he reaches the main roster.

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