WWE: Seth Rollins Responds To Jon Stewart, Is ‘WrestleMania’ Match Inevitable?

Seth Rollins may have just bitten off a lot more than he can chew going after the fearless Daily Show anchor Jon Stewart. (All 160 pounds of him.)

After a subtle dig Rollins made in front of a live audience, claiming he could do whatever he wanted including becoming the President of the United States and taking over for Stewart in order to “make that show worth watching,” Stewart promised a “world of hurt” for the Money in the Bank winner.

Not to be deterred, the future of the WWE was ready with a comeback Thursday night.

“It’s quite interesting to be honest with you. I just made the comment sort of in jest … now here he is calling me out, and I told him on Twitter, ‘Mr. Stewart, Jon, you know where to find me. I’m at Fastlane this Sunday in Memphis, or you can come check me out, I’m live in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw every single week.’ I told him my security guys would hold the middle rope up for him.”

When hit with the information Jon Stewart used to be a college athlete, Seth asked, “Was he a college curler? What did he play, water polo?”

TMZ pointed out that Stewart once scored the winning goal when he played against William & Mary as “a standout college soccer player,” to which Rollins responded with this.

“Oh soccer player. That’s a little bit different than what we do. People think we take falls, look at soccer players, they’re falling all over the place.”

Seth Rollins definitely doesn’t seem intimidated. He even questioned whether Stewart was smart enough to write his “impassioned” promo on his own or if he had his “team of writers” whip it up for him.

While Stewart made waves online with his promo, the ball is now back in his court, and it’s probably up to him as to whether he takes this up with Rollins at WrestleMania 31 or not.

The company’s biggest pay-per-view of the year always has celebrities involved in some way, and currently, they don’t come much more recognizable than Jon Stewart.

The WWE would be foolish to pass this up, but the question now is, how do you get Stewart involved in an angle with Rollins without Mr. Money in the Bank squashing him Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler-style?

TMZ proposed a tag team match but Rollins scoffed at that idea, reminding them of the Jay Leno debacle back when WCW was booking itself out of business.

How would you do it, readers? Seth Rollins vs. Jon Stewart, one-on-one, or perhaps Seth Rollins in a “bet” with Stewart that he can beat any wrestler that the Daily Show funny man puts in front of him? Six-man tag match between Seth, J&J Security and Jon and two wrestlers of his choice?

(I pick the one in the middle and then use that to bring back Randy Orton.)

It may not be what WWE Creative envisioned for their A+ player going into WrestleMania 31, but it looks like Stewart and Seth Rollins will be tied together whether they want it or not.