Princess Kate’s Adorable, Biggest-Yet Baby Bump Pictures

When Princess Kate stepped out on Wednesday, February 18, for a charity event, she decided to take off her coat and show her baby bump to the world.

Although now in her third trimester of pregnancy, Kate Middleton is the master of concealing her baby bump in elegant statement coats, but the Duchess of Cambridge decided to finally take off her signature style coat during a visit to the Cape Hill Children’s Centre in Smethwick, England.


Kate, who has been plagued by hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, a very severe form of nausea and vomiting, felt well enough to attend two functions in one day and looked well, despite rumors throughout her pregnancy that Queen Elizabeth has not felt that Kate is pulling her fair share of the weight with public appearances.

For her second engagement in the same day, Middleton, 33, ditched her Sportmax coat and revealed the Seraphine Florrie dress, which is listed at $179 at But Princess Kate is known to be more frugal than many royalty — she’s worn this particular dress before, as she does most clothes and she recycles maternity and regular clothes. In fact, this particular dress was worn most recently at an event at the Kensington Aldridge Academy on Jan. 19. She wore a half-up hairstyle and Jimmy Choo “Georgia” navy blue heels as she did from her earlier visits in the day to the Emma Bridgewater Factory, which have also been worn by Kate before.

The purpose of the event was to learn about children’s well-being, which is a topic that Kate embraces. She is frequently spotted at any charity event for children in London.

Although there has been no official word from the palace, there has been much speculation on whether the Duchess of Cambridge is carrying a boy or a girl. The fact that she has worn blue so frequently has caused many to wonder if she may be carrying another boy, a brother for Prince George. But many others point out that Kate has always worn a lot of blue clothing as it is a color that is flattering with her blue eyes. Recently, there has been speculation that she may be having a girl and naming her Diana in honor of her late mother-in-law, but there has been no credence given to that rumor from Kensington Palace, nor from Kate herself.

Kate’s slender frame is still not big by any stretch of the imagination, but this is definitely the biggest baby bump we’ve seen to date, and she looks stunning.

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