Watch Pregnant Sword Swallower, Veronica Hernandez, Do Her Thing With A GoPro Attached To The Blade [Video]

Pregnant sword swallower Veronica Hernandez is a pretty amazing woman. At nine months pregnant, she hasn’t let that detail deter her from practicing her craft for the Dallas Morning News.

Hernandez assured DMN‘s Sarah Blaskovich that her act would not hurt the baby due to the type of sword she was using. She then proceeded to demonstrate her unique skill with a GoPro camera attached, and if the company hasn’t made an endorsement deal with her yet, they should.

The blade that the pregnant sword swallower used for this video was around 14 inches. She plans to repeat the act at the upcoming World Sword Swallower’s Day in Grand Prairie, Texas, on Feb. 28.

But here, you can see her do it free-of-charge without the travel expenses. You’ll get a much better view, too.

Enough talking about it, though. Let’s have a look.

Some commenters on the YouTube video admit the POV shot of the GoPro camera “kind of freaked” them out. Others said they had to look away and that they “didn’t think it was possible.”

Blaskovich dug a little deeper into the art of sword swallowing with Hernandez, asking her what it took to be successful at such a monumental feat. Here’s what Hernandez had to say.

“[I had to] do a lot of other mind-body training before I touched the sword. It is very surreal the first time you swallow a sword: You have to train [your body] to do all these things it’s not supposed to do…. The learning process is a long and grueling one. Not everyone has the stomach for it, so to speak. It takes a lot of determination.”

Hernandez said she practiced “everyday” and that the sword can cut the insides of your body.

“And that’s why it’s one of the most dangerous things people can do. … Don’t try it at home, don’t try it at all. Let us be the crazy ones,” she added.

As for the question most people always wonder about — how difficult is it to pull out the sword? — Hernandez responded that it takes “a different set of muscles,” and that removing is easier than swallowing. “But you’re definitely fighting back your gag reflexes the entire time. It’s still something that’s counterintuitive to your body.”

What do you think of the pregnant sword swallower, readers? Admire her moxie or do you think she’s jeopardizing the health of her baby? Sound off in the comments section.