‘Scandal’ Recap Shocker: Stephen Returns, Olivia Reunites With Fitz

Scandal fans were not disappointed during Thursday’s all new episode titled “No More Blood,” because not only did Olivia Pope come home and reunite with both Jake and Fitz, but she was also reunited with an old friend who helped save her life and free her from her kidnappers.

TV Line reports that the episode had everyone talking. Once the first deal for Olivia fell through thanks to some smooth talking by Liv herself, the auction went live on the dark yet for a second time in which Jake, Quinn, and Huck tried desperately again to win Liv under the name Marie Wallace, Olivia’s mother’s alias from her terrorist days.

The gang was happy and confused when their bid of $2 billion tied with a Russian bidder, but when Olivia was asked whom she thought she should be given to, her kidnappers saw through her answer of wanting to go to Marie Wallace and decided to give her to the Russians. Little did Liv know she was in safe hands either way.

Meanwhile, while Fitz was desperate to get Olivia home safely, Cyrus went behind his back and was ready to see Ms. Pope’s life be sacrificed for the greater good of the United States of America. Thankfully for Liv, she had a lot of people looking out for her, including Abby, who somehow got in touch with former gladiator Stephen, who was working in Russia, and actually met Liv at the drop off point where she hugged him, took his gun, and shot one of her captors in the leg before kicking him.

Chicago Now reports that Olivia tried to get Stephen to come back to Washington, D.C., with her and return to his post as gladiator at Olivia Pope and Associates, even telling him he could have his old office back. However, Stephen declined, but fans are hoping to see more of him as Scandal continues on in Season 4.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Olivia got home safe and sound, but when she was reunited with Fitz, who was more than happy to see her, she lashed out at him for not being the President he was supposed to be and declaring war, which cost innocent soldiers their lives, all to save her life.

Fitz looked stunned at Liv’s scolding as things keep looking more and more grim for Scandal’s hottest couple. Has Jake Ballard just moved into the lead in the race for Olivia’s heart?

What did you think of the latest episode of Scandal?

[Photo By Alberto E. Rodriguejz/Getty Images]